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enchant.js v0.4.1 released!

On September 26, 2011 we released enchant.js vo.4.1!

This latest release includes the following updates:

  • DOM ID and class access through Sprite ID and className properties
  • Added Sound.clone() method and fixed some bugs

We also updated enchant.js expansion plugins for 9leap (plugins/nineleap.enchant.js).

  • Added “started,” “onstart” properties to Game (upon clicking the splash, the “started” flag becomes “true,” and the functions assigned to “onstart” are executed)

Download here!


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  • Last week saw the arrival of world’s first HTML5 game conference: onGameStart, held in Warsaw, Poland!

    The picturesque streets were soon overflowing with game developers from all over the world:

    Naturally, enchant.js was there in full force. In fact, we were one of just five “Awesome Sponsors,” which included such luminaries as BlackBerry and Microsoft Internet Explorer. From the moment they entered the event hall, guests couldn’t miss our presences on banners, fliers, and stickers:

    When I say “game developers from all over the world,” however, I’m referring almost exclusively to Europe and America. The enchant.js team, in fact, were the only Asian attendees. As such, the Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. CEO Ryo Shimizu’s presentation was a highly anticipated event for all the participants.

    Though the event was held in English, most of the attendees do not speak English as a first language. With this in mind, Mr. Shimizu announced that he would hold his talk in JavaScript instead!

    This got a great laugh from everyone. Rather than focusing on the technical details of enchant.js, Mr. Shimizu discussed the goals of the project: to provide children and young adults with the tools necessary to create the next generation of games. Programming isn’t a technical task for experts; it’s a tool for building the future.

    We’re happy to report that enchant.js’ global debut was a huge success. Keep your eyes peeled for more appearances very soon!

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  • Greetings! Sidestepism here.

    I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting “enchant.js/enchant PRO: Development to Dazzle” at the 21st HTML, etc. Study Group, sponsored by html5-developers-jp.

    The HTML, etc. Study Group is a popular group that invariably attracts more than double its 100 regular attendees. According to the ATND page, this time is no exception. I’ll be uploading my slides to the link, so please check it out.

    You can find abstracts from previous sessions here. Please check it out!

    The theme of this session is “HTML5 + Games,” and aimed at app and game developers. Should be a great event!

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  • Welcome to the enchant.js Developers’ Blog!

    Greetings! Sidestepism of the enchant.js development team here.

    Welcome to our brand-new enchant.js blog. We’ll be publishing a Japanese version simultaneously. This your source for the latest enchant.js releases, new enchant.js features, and news about the latest enchant.js events.

    We’re planning on adding enchant PRO releases, official documents and tutorials, and much more. Keep checking back!

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  • about “enchant.js”

    enchant.js is an HTML5 + JavaScript based game engine. It is a standalone library that enables cross-platform application development for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android from just 30 KB of source code.

    enchant.js was developed at Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.'s Akihabara Research Center, and released April of 2011. Nearly 200 games have been created in its first two months of release, making it the world's most-used HTML5 game engine.

    enchant.js Official Website


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