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Thanks for your patience…we’re proud to announce that the AR programming environment enchant PRO is at last available for iPhone!

The source code shares much in common with the original Android version, meaning that developers can create AR games for both platforms all at once!

Of course there’s more to it than just AR recognition…it also features polygon drawing using native OpenGL ES.

Here’s a look at it in action on an iPhone4S:

We’ve also updated our Android version,  sychronizing camera photos before and after AR recognition.

The latest version of the 9leap app, containing all the enchant PRO updates, is now available for download from the Android Market.

enchant PRO Beta 2 + 9leap app updated!

Greetings! Ryohei here.

We just released enchant PRO Beta 2. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new:

  • Added collada.pro.enchant.js plugin for reading collada format 3D model data
  • Now support lighting and camera position changes for 3D drawing

Check out the SDK download here (zip format)。You can find the source code at github.

We’ve also updated the 9leap game app 9leap Beta using enchant PRO SDK!

You can also check out and test play games made using SDK on the 9leap app!

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  • enchant.js v0.4.1 released!

    On September 26, 2011 we released enchant.js vo.4.1!

    This latest release includes the following updates:

    • DOM ID and class access through Sprite ID and className properties
    • Added Sound.clone() method and fixed some bugs

    We also updated enchant.js expansion plugins for 9leap (plugins/nineleap.enchant.js).

    • Added “started,” “onstart” properties to Game (upon clicking the splash, the “started” flag becomes “true,” and the functions assigned to “onstart” are executed)

    Download here!


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