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Announcing enchant.js meetup Tokyo, vol.2!

We’re pleased to announce that “enchant.js meetup Tokyo vol.2″ will be held on 4/21.

See this link for details!

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  • ASCII Media Works has just released a new book, “enchant.js for Beginners: The Official Guide.”

    UEI is giving aways free copies to schools and libraries. Please check out the wise9 page for more. Currently the book is only available in Japanese, but we hope to release an English edition soon…stay tuned!

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  • Thanks to enchant.js, Ubiquitous Entertainment’s iOS shooting game “GRANDARIUS WING STRIKE” has been ported to HTML5 and JavaScript. The same title is sold at the AppStore; the HTML5 version allows the first level to be played for free.

    TechWaveGIGAZINE and other media have kindly featured this new edition of “GRANDARIUS.”

    To play: 9leap

    For more technical details (Sorry, in Japanese only):
    wise9 – HTML5/enchant.js版グランダリウスのソースは739行! HTML5/enchant.jsの生産性はObjective-Cの50倍はあるかも

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  • Greetings! Ryohei here.

    Check out the official enchant.js site for our just-released Reverse-Lookup Reference!

    • Development Basics
    • Reverse-Lookup Reference
      • Words of Caution
        • Basic enchant.js Template
      • The Basics (Drawigin)
        • Making/Deleting a Scene
        • Making an Image
        • Making Text
        • Making Sound
      • The Basics (Control)
        • Loading Materials
        • Processing Frames
        • Processing Touch (Click)
      • Maps
        • What are Maps?
        • Making a Map
        • Looking for Obstacles on Maps
      • Sprites
        • Moving Sprites
        • Rotating/Expanding/Contracting Sprites
        • Making Sprites Transparent
        • Using the Canvas with Sprites
        • Collision Detection and Sprites
      • Text (Label)
        • Changing Text Color, Font
        • Moving Text
        • Making Text Transparent
      • Other
        • Changing Scene Background Color
        • Changing Game fps
        • Changing Game Screen Magnification
        • Changing Scene Displayed During Loading
        • Preloading Materials

    enchant.js Reference

    Please note that the Japanese file is now called enchant-ja.js.

    If you see bugs in the source code, errors in the translation, or anything else, please drop us a line. You can use issues in github or write a comment on this blog.

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  • Greetings! Fushimi of the enchant.js/enchant PRO development team here.

    We are in the process of updating enchant PRO SDK and the 9leap app based on all the feedback we’ve received since the October 21 release. Unfortunately, despite having announced a November release date for the final version, we’re still working out the kinks. With that in mind, we’ll release a β2 version (vo.6.0)  on November 1, and the formal version on December 1st.

    Our sincere apologies to fans awaiting an official release. Until December, please send us your opinions and ideas for improvements!

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  • enchant PRO Beta release

    Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce the beta release of “enchant PRO” on October 21.

    “enchant PRO” is native app development environment for Android devices based on the open source HTML5 game engine “enchant.js.” In addition to enabling development of Android apps with the same ease and simplicity the made “enchant.js”  a hit following its April release, it also takes full advice of the camera, gyros, and other key features of Android devices.

    The new platform means that AR games and non-game applications which would have been difficult or impossible with just “enchant.js” are now at your fingertips. Several businesses have already announced planes for non-game releases using “enchant PRO.”

    In addition to expanding the features of “enchant.js,” “enchant PRO” will also sell business licenses for corporate users. Non-profit and personal use will also be available under a free “Community License.”

    We also have an iPhone/iPad version under development.

    Please enjoy a look at “enchant Pro” in action by downloading the “9leap” app fom the Android Market. “enchant PRO” also includes the AR marker reader technology “KART” from Koozyt, Inc, allowing anyone to easily create a program with AR markers!

    Download the SDK, document sample, and 9leap app from the official enchant PRO website.

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  • Greetings! Sidestepism of the enchant.js development team here.

    Welcome to our brand-new enchant.js blog. We’ll be publishing a Japanese version simultaneously. This your source for the latest enchant.js releases, new enchant.js features, and news about the latest enchant.js events.

    We’re planning on adding enchant PRO releases, official documents and tutorials, and much more. Keep checking back!

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  • about “enchant.js”

    enchant.js is an HTML5 + JavaScript based game engine. It is a standalone library that enables cross-platform application development for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android from just 30 KB of source code.

    enchant.js was developed at Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.'s Akihabara Research Center, and released April of 2011. Nearly 200 games have been created in its first two months of release, making it the world's most-used HTML5 game engine.

    enchant.js Official Website


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