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ASCII Media Works has just released a new book, “enchant.js for Beginners: The Official Guide.”

UEI is giving aways free copies to schools and libraries. Please check out the wise9 page for more. Currently the book is only available in Japanese, but we hope to release an English edition soon…stay tuned!

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  • “leapfest 2012″ Invades Akihabara!

    On February 18, UEI was proud to sponsor the event “leapfest 2012″ in Akihabara, Tokyo!

    The event included presentation of prizes for the 9leap contest, speeches, lightning talks, and a “9 Minutes Coding Battle”  to make a game in 540 seconds or less using enchant.js.

    And what would an event be without swag? In the middle is a t-shirt featuring the enchant.js source code.

    We’re planning on selling these at many more events in the future, so be sure to get one for yourself!

    Check out the wise9 report (in Japanese) for more!

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  • enchant.js seminars have been added to the video-based programming study site dotinstall. You can enjoy lessons in enchant.js free of charge (lessons are in Japanese).


    In its early days the site was invitation-only, but now it is open to the general public. You can log in via Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts.

    Lessons (17 Total)

    #01 What is enchant.js?
    #02 About the Official Site
    #03 Essential Files
    #04 Making a game.js Model
    #05 Displaying a Bear Image
    #06 Explanation for Code to Display Image
    #07 About Sprite Object Frames
    #08 Image Rotation, Enlargement
    #09 Object Succession
    #10 Displaying a Label
    #11 Add Event Listener
    #12 Operating game Frames
    #13 Receiving Input from Users
    #14 About this
    #15 Collision Detection (1)
    #16 Collision Detection (2)
    #17 Creating Game Over Processing

    These seminars start from the very basics. If you’re interested in JavaScript or enchant.js, please check them out!

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  • about “enchant.js”

    enchant.js is an HTML5 + JavaScript based game engine. It is a standalone library that enables cross-platform application development for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android from just 30 KB of source code.

    enchant.js was developed at Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc.'s Akihabara Research Center, and released April of 2011. Nearly 200 games have been created in its first two months of release, making it the world's most-used HTML5 game engine.

    enchant.js Official Website


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