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Hatena Bookmark - Evangelizin’ at Boston HTML5 Game Development Meetup
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Greetings! enchant.js Technology Evangelist Eric here.

The gears in my biological clock had barely greased themselves back into Japan time when another flight across the big blue yanked them out of whack once again. Fortunately, the hemming and hawing of a confused Circadian rhythm found solace in the unexpected warmth of a little city called Boston.

Yes, we (the “we” being Akihabara Research Center director Ryo Shimizu, fellow enchant.js-er Hidemy, and me) were in Boston to take part in the monthly Boston HTML5 Game Development Meetup!

By pure chance, our presentation marked the one year anniversary of the meetup, which is co-organized by Pascal Rettig and Darius Kazemi (who also organized this month’s New Game Conference).

The event was hosted by the lovely folks at MocoSpace in their gloriously creaky 100-year old office. The event organizers were kind enough to grant us the first speaking slot of the evening. We started out with some live coding from Mr. Shimizu:

After a discussion of enchant.js’ origins, development, and key features, I took the stage to present a more detailed look at what the engine has to offer.

You may be looking at the photos and thinking, “this meetup looks awfully small.” If so, you’re correct: just over 20 people were in attendance. But conversely, this intimate setting proved a boon. Nearly everyone present asked at least one question, and the resulting discussion felt like just that: a conversation with real back and forth.

Best of all, we got not one, not two, but three invitations for future speaking engagements. Boston, could you be any friendlier?

After our talk we enjoyed a presentation from Microsoft’s Chris Bowen about IE9′s use of HTML5…as well as some tantalizing glimpses of still-secret Windows tech.

And what would an event be without swag? We’re pleased to report that all but two of the enchant.js t-shirts we brought went home with attendees.

I wish I could say that the evening ended with a bang. Unfortunately, it ended with some rather dubious crabcakes from a legal seafoodery.

All the same, a pretty darn good evening.

We’ll be on hand next month at DevCon5 in Santa Clara. Hope to see you there!