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Hatena Bookmark - Hijinks Galore at Day One of New Game Conference
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Greetings! enchant.js evangelist Eric here!

As you can see in the pic above, I’m currently lurking at the Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco, an art museum cheerfully doubling as a convention center for New Game Conference! Fellow enchant.js-er Hidemy is fighting the good fight alongside me.

Day 1 started bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 7 a.m., a grueling situation made less so by the free breakfast.

There were shiny little stickers scattered hither and yon.

And naturally, our own swag was amongst the mix!

Not to mention our logo lurking in the corner of the official game slides, right next to IE, the other gold sponsor…

The day started with a bang courtesy of Richard Hilleman, creative director at EA, and his keynote “Finding the Missing Pieces: Completing the HTML5 Gaming Platform Picture.”

A running theme throughout the day was the ongoing challenges laced amongst all the potential of HTML5 gaming. Richard postulated that two developments are key to making the system work: a Killer App, and that hard-to-define “magic” that makes users embrace a new system. Richard pondered whether or not the hugely popular “Angry Birds” might be that killer app. The potential is there, but in his view, the real game-changing pieces are still to come. HTML5’s potential lies in time…the ultimate asset for a user.

Next, we check out a presentation from Moblyng COO Justin Quimby, who talked about “Hard-won Lessons from the Trenches.”

After three years of experience, Justin stressed that HTML5 has huge potential but a long way to go. Android and iOS devices are flooding the market, but the testing level for speed and performance remains uneven. He argued for the need for higher standards and more universal quality across the spectrum of devices.

After a bit of a break, we checked out Bocoup programmer and evangelist Darius Kazemi’s “Fieldrunners HTML5: Bringing a Hit iOS Game to the Web.”

Darius explored the myriad challenges in porting an iOS hit into HTML5, a process that was projected to take 8 weeks but ended up requiring 12. After rewriting some 24,596 lines of code, Darius urged programmers facing the same task to think hard about their target platform and audience. He reminded us of a tradeoff: highest quality, or widest audience? How can we strive for both?

Onan Games’s Miguel Angel Pastor covered a similar topic in his “From Apple Store to CWS.”

Miguel used a platform called Mandreel, the handiwork of his 5-man company (which is also responsible for hit games like Kroll and Bug Village). Again, the porting process was fraught with difficulties, and Miguel closed with a “wish list” of features to solve various HTML5 logistical problems.

The day ended with a short session from appMobi’s engineer Sam Abadir and his talk on “Extreme Mobile HTML5 Canvas.”

He discussed how browsers were not built for gaming, and how HTML5 was primarily envisioned as a mobile platform. He revealed how DirectCanvas was created as a temporary stopgap measure, and then introduced his browser extension Mobius (available at

Through it all, we were busy evangelisin’ away on enchant.js, before, during, and after the sessions. Look how serious we were! Ahem.

The day ended with booze galore at the official conference party, including a blue cocktail in honor of sponsor Microsoft. Hmm…where’s our enchant.js bubbly?

Stay tuned for a peak into day 2!