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Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. is proud to announce the beta release of “enchant PRO” on October 21.

“enchant PRO” is native app development environment for Android devices based on the open source HTML5 game engine “enchant.js.” In addition to enabling development of Android apps with the same ease and simplicity the made “enchant.js”  a hit following its April release, it also takes full advice of the camera, gyros, and other key features of Android devices.

The new platform means that AR games and non-game applications which would have been difficult or impossible with just “enchant.js” are now at your fingertips. Several businesses have already announced planes for non-game releases using “enchant PRO.”

In addition to expanding the features of “enchant.js,” “enchant PRO” will also sell business licenses for corporate users. Non-profit and personal use will also be available under a free “Community License.”

We also have an iPhone/iPad version under development.

Please enjoy a look at “enchant Pro” in action by downloading the “9leap” app fom the Android Market. “enchant PRO” also includes the AR marker reader technology “KART” from Koozyt, Inc, allowing anyone to easily create a program with AR markers!

Download the SDK, document sample, and 9leap app from the official enchant PRO website.