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Hatena Bookmark - Just released: English-language Reference and Comment
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Greetings! Ryohei here.

Check out the official enchant.js site for our just-released Reverse-Lookup Reference!

  • Development Basics
  • Reverse-Lookup Reference
    • Words of Caution
      • Basic enchant.js Template
    • The Basics (Drawigin)
      • Making/Deleting a Scene
      • Making an Image
      • Making Text
      • Making Sound
    • The Basics (Control)
      • Loading Materials
      • Processing Frames
      • Processing Touch (Click)
    • Maps
      • What are Maps?
      • Making a Map
      • Looking for Obstacles on Maps
    • Sprites
      • Moving Sprites
      • Rotating/Expanding/Contracting Sprites
      • Making Sprites Transparent
      • Using the Canvas with Sprites
      • Collision Detection and Sprites
    • Text (Label)
      • Changing Text Color, Font
      • Moving Text
      • Making Text Transparent
    • Other
      • Changing Scene Background Color
      • Changing Game fps
      • Changing Game Screen Magnification
      • Changing Scene Displayed During Loading
      • Preloading Materials

enchant.js Reference

Please note that the Japanese file is now called enchant-ja.js.

If you see bugs in the source code, errors in the translation, or anything else, please drop us a line. You can use issues in github or write a comment on this blog.